Born in Mie Prefecture, Japan. I’m a photographic artist based in Tokyo Japan. Photography came to me about thirteen years ago in my attempts to express my written poetry in a visual form. Two months later, I won the photography prize in the Excite blogger contest. Following this initial success, my works featured in photography magazines all over Japan. My works are displayed in company offices and people's houses. In 2011, I was chosen as a finalist in the "Px3 Official Selection for 2011" competition. I was awarded an honorable mention in the International Photography Award Competition(2012) and in Moscow International Photography Award (2014).I took part in Portfolio Review in Les Rencontres d’Arles in 2014 and 2016. Many solo exhibitions were held all over Japan( Please see blow)

I focus on my photography on light and shadow by changing everyday scenes into extraordinary scenes. I enjoys myself by capturing something with high-contrast lighting. I find the beauty usually in the overlooked ordinary scenes which everyonesees on a daily basis, yet at the same time, nobody really sees them. I simply look at the world and captures following my perception. I shoots, just when the moment is calling to be captured. It is supposed to be something to resonate with my subconsciously deep inside.I am not only documenting it, but also capturing the connection between myself and it. In this way, I am documenting my own reality.


Solo exhibitions

2015.10「Nostalgia」(HCL Photo Gallery,Tokyo,Japan)
2013.6「Self-portrait」@Volvox, Mie, Japan
2012.10 Sudi×SIGMA DP「Memories」@Galeria Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
2011.6「DISTANCE」@Canon Galley Nagoya, Nagoya,Japan
2011.3「DISTANCE」@Canon Galley Ginza, Tokyo,Japan
2007.4「Yin & Yang」@Daikanyama Photo Gallery, Tokyo,Japan
2005.8「A SLICE OF LIFE」 supported by EPSON @ Una camera livera, Tokyo,Japan


2015.2「ROOMS」produced by A.P.France


Special Thanks

SIGMA Corporation