三重県生まれ。写真家。表現手段として、詩を綴ることからはじめ、その延長として、写真による表現を17年前よりはじめる。写真雑誌等媒体で作品を発表。作品の多くは企業や個人に所有されている。2020年にオランダ写真美術館にて行われたHaute Photograhieにて海外初出展し、成功を収めた。


Sudi is a Japanese photographic artist based in Tokyo. She came to photography seventeen years ago to express her written poetry in a visual form. Her works are featured in photography magazines all over Japan. Her works are held in private collections in Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2020 Sudi premiered in the Netherlands with her highly successful 'Haute Photographie' exhibit. .

Sudi focuses on the high contrast between light and shadow, changing everyday scenes into the extraordinary. She enjoys capturing scenes with high-contrast lighting.Sudi believes that aesthetic experiences can be found in familiar places and moments that are often ignored. She captures them from her perspective, without manipulation. As she says herself “ I find interest in what others find ordinary. It’s like something is unconsciously resonating within my inner self.This is a common thread in my work. I am capturing the connection between myself and the scene. In this way, I am documenting my own reality.


IBASHO Gallery (Antwerp, Belugium)


2019 PX3 Photo Award Honorable Mention
2018 Tokyo International Photo Award Honorable Mention (TIFA)
2016 Emon Photo Award / Finalist
2015 PX3 Fine Art/Honorable Mention
2015 International Photography Award Honorable Mention (IPA)
2014 Moscow International Photo Award Honorable Mention(MIFA)
2012 International Photography Award Honorable Mention (IPA)
2011 Px3 Official Selection / Finalist

Solo Exhibitions

2021.7「INBETWEEN」(Pictorico Gallery,Tokyo,Japan
2020.12「INBETWEEN〜The prologue」(日本橋高島屋POP UP GALLERY,Tokyo,Japan
2018.12「The Life Of Things」(Pictorico Gallery,Tokyo,Japan
2015.10「Nostalgia」(HCL Photo Gallery,Tokyo,Japan)
2013.6「Self-portrait」(Volvox, Mie, Japan)
2012.10 Sudi×SIGMA DP「Memories」(Galeria Ginza, Tokyo, Japan)
2011.6「DISTANCE」(Canon Galley Nagoya, Nagoya,Japan)
2011.3「DISTANCE」(Canon Galley Ginza, Tokyo,Japan)
2007.4「Yin & Yang」(Daikanyama Photo Gallery, Tokyo,Japan)
2005.8「A SLICE OF LIFE」 supported by EPSON (Una camera livera, Tokyo,Japan)

Selected Group exhibitions

2019.12「First Snow」(IBASHO Gallery,Antwerp, Belgium)
2018.9「The Shape Of Things」(Praxis Gallery,Minneapolis,USA)
2015.10「Living with photography」produced by SIGMA (IMA CONCEPT STORE, Tokkyo, Japan)

Art Fairs

2020.2 Haute Photoraphie (Rotterdam,The Netherlands)


2015.3 The exhinition at SIGMA Corp.
2015.2「ROOMS」produced by A.P.France



Special Thanks